First blog post

For my first post, I’ve decided to set the tone for whats to come…

Last night I went to supper with my family and as we waited outside to get in, I noticed a group of girls. They were GORGEOUS.  The kind of girls that would make any average Jane cringe in inferiority. Perfect hair, make up #OnFleek and their clothing looking like they stepped out of a Cosmopolitan magazine.

I stood there comparing myself to them…

My plain white tee shirt, black skinny jeans, sneakers and of course my hijab – their short dresses and sexy high heels. At first I was envious – they were dressed exactly as I would if I had the body for it and more so, if I didn’t care about my Islam – and that little green monster sat right there on my shoulder, whispering nasty things in my ear. And because I was standing there with my ridiculously handsome fiance, it flared up even more. My insecurities bulldozed me all at once. Until I started noticing their discomfort. Pulling their dresses down to cover up a bit after some creepy stares, fixing their hair every two minutes just in case the guy across the way noticed them and constantly looking at their reflection in the windows they stood in front of. THEIR insecurities showed through and I realized that compared to them, I felt way more confident and content with myself than they ever would.

There’s absolutely nothing fun about having to be constantly aware of what you look like. Now I’m not saying that we should totally let ourselves go. I’m merely pointing out that I was perfectly comfortable and still looked good. I understand our need to be noticed and ooh’d aah’d over but we as females need to realize our self-worth WITHOUT all the unnecessary embellishments.

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Regardless of your size, shape, race or religion. Embrace it and always strive to be yourself.

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