A Walking Contradiction

My Instagram bio states that “I Am A Walking Contradiction”. This is true.


This quote is so entirely me that it’s scary.

A lot of the attitude and vibe I tend to give off comes from growing up the way I did (will discuss this in another post). I have this tough chick facade that if you really knew me, you’d know is furthest from the truth. I’m the softest person EVER. I cry for the most ridiculous reasons- silly adverts on TV, the books I read – just about anything sets me off. As soft as I am though, I am strong as hell. I’ve been and am still going through so much and yet I’m still here and mostly sane.

I was raised to be tough, not a crybaby or a girly girl and apparently my soft edges has disappointed some but I’ve learn that it’s a good thing. Being soft I mean.


Women are mocked for being soft and emotional but I don’t think the world realizes the strength of a woman. We endure so much in our lives yet we are the backbone of our families, communities and the world in general.

But, I digress. I love pretty, girly things and yet also am a gamer and car enthusiast. I enjoy ALL types of music. As in everything and anything from Classical to raw, deep Rap. I love nature yet I would do anything to stay indoors with a thick book and yummy cuppa coffee (coffee is life). I’ve always craved affection but when faced with it, I never know how to deal or react.

I always tell people I have lazy persons OCD. I want things to be perfect all the time and MOST of the time I strive to keep it that way but the rest of the time? I don’t really care.

I’m always just a little too weird but I’ve learnt that being normal is boring. So be crazy, have fun and always, ALWAYS, be yourself ♥



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