So the funny thing about me starting a blog is that I decided to do it to get rid of all the thoughts floating around in my head because it’s become quite crowded in there. Yet I find myself struggling to choose what to write about.

My mind is in constant turmoil lately…

It’s as if each and every thought is fighting for dominance over my brain. To be the one thought I fixate on for some time. It’s literally given me a headache. I just need to get away from it all and relax, clear my mind. But that’s impossible too.

Isn’t responsibility a bitch? All I want to do is curl up in a little ball and have someone else take care of me and everything else. Just for a little while, so I can regain my sanity.

Like I understand that I’m no longer a little girl and shit is definitely getting real but GEEZ, a break would be great. I am so beat and totally uninspired. I JUST NEED A BREAK.


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