The Life of a Nomad

Do you know what I’m most afraid of?


Growing up, I didn’t really have much stability. My parents were together on and off and we moved a lot. Like, a hell of a lot. I’m now 22 years old and I’ve moved at least 23-25 times in my life. Granted, it’s slowed down plenty but it’s still just too many times. Hence, I call myself a nomad.

Anyhoo, we’re currently in the process of moving – ONCE AGAIN. And it’s been tiring. But when you’ve moved as many times as we have, you tend to get the knack of it and become way more efficient with it. Regardless, I’m quite excited about this move.

Firstly, our new landlord has promised us a long-term lease (not everyone can afford to buy, you know). And secondly, when I do FINALLY get married, #bae will be joining me there. And I honestly can’t wait for that. Not for the reasons most will think. It’s just I’ve finally found someone who’s company I truly enjoy and it sucks like all hell when he has to go home. My little heart can’t deal. People have asked me – on numerous occasions – how it’s possible that I don’t get sick of him. It’s such a strange question to ask because when you marry someone, you’re in their face like 24/7. How can you possibly “get sick of someone” with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life. Doesn’t make sense to me…

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that this is my new room…


Can’t wait to start making it my own. I wonder if #bae will mind it being a little girly, since I’ve never really had the opportunity to make a room my own. I’ll probably be trolling some decor blogs for ideas…Suggestions?

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