My Hijab Story

I’ve made two “New Year Resolutions”. One, is to write and post more often. The other I’ll discuss in my next blog post.

So the post I plan to publish today is merely a re-post of an entry I sent to a fellow blogger – The Muslim Girl . This is one of my favorite blogs ever. It’s insightful and interesting.

I digress. The post I sent to her was for a segment she calls “My Hijab Story”. It’s about women around the world speaking of their experiences when entering into the life of a hijabi and believe me, it’s no easy feat.

It’s a personal story for me but I feel that it’s important I share it because there are so many women out there that are dealing with the same things I’ve dealt with and don’t know how to navigate through it.

Please use the link below and read My Hijab Story.

Really hope you enjoy it!

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