Our Little Creeper

When I got married, I didn’t just gain a husband, best friend and confidant, I also gained a son. My husbands little one – now my little one too, has crept into my heart like only a little boy can.

The first time I met him, I loved him. Merely because he is a part of Zayn – who I clearly love to bits. The more time I spent with him, the more attached I became and vice versa. It’s become a thing where he actually asks for me specifically and it really warms my heart.

But recently, its been a whirlwind of feelings. I would never force or even just mention to him that he should call me Mom, Mommy or the like but I have begun to feel like that’s how he sees me now; as a mother figure. One night after I bathed him, I was drying his hair on the bed and all of a sudden he launches himself at me, straight into my lap and lands a big kiss on my cheek. It was adorable but it caught me totally off guard. I told my husband about it later that night. Told him about how it made me feel. When Abdul Aziz shows me affection like that, I am proud of myself for the way I have handled things and my heart is rushed with emotion. It could so easily have gone a different way. I know of cases where the child resents their father’s wife but I think that usually stems from the mother’s negativity and I am lucky that throughout all our drama, his mother has been mostly okay and encourages him to have respect toward me. Maybe we’re also lucky that he’s so young and can basically grow up with me being a part of his life.

He started school a few months ago and if it was terrifying for me, I can’t imagine what his mother felt like. We joined her at the school for his first day and he looked absolutely confused and unsure but his teacher has assured us that he is doing well. I love the fact that she chose a Muslim school for him because I think that it’s so important for him to have that Islamic foundation. His teacher is wonderful and her love for “her kids”, is evident.

His most recent adorable moment would be when we took him home last weekend, he gave me the biggest hug and kiss ever and then said “I love you” in his sweet little boy voice. Once again I was caught completely off guard but of course I responded, of course I love him too.

I have always wanted to be a mother, really. And I am excited to have biological children of my own but I feel blessed and content being a mom to this little one.

Although we haven’t quite sorted out ALL the kinks with his mother, I am grateful to ALLAH for blessing me with this little man and my wonderful husband who has been the most awesome support for all that I have had to acclimate myself with.


My Hijab Story

I’ve made two “New Year Resolutions”. One, is to write and post more often. The other I’ll discuss in my next blog post.

So the post I plan to publish today is merely a re-post of an entry I sent to a fellow blogger – The Muslim Girl . This is one of my favorite blogs ever. It’s insightful and interesting.

I digress. The post I sent to her was for a segment she calls “My Hijab Story”. It’s about women around the world speaking of their experiences when entering into the life of a hijabi and believe me, it’s no easy feat.

It’s a personal story for me but I feel that it’s important I share it because there are so many women out there that are dealing with the same things I’ve dealt with and don’t know how to navigate through it.

Please use the link below and read My Hijab Story.


Really hope you enjoy it!

Married At Last

Its been so long since the last time I posted anything but lately, things have been so hectic…

I was never the kind of girl who planned her wedding since her hair was in pigtails. I was never the kind of girl who played dress up and had pretend weddings with her friends. That was not me. But what girl doesn’t want the perfect day? The dress, the shoes, the car. The whole shebang! I must say, my family has surprised me in the support I’ve received. Not to say that I didn’t think that they would but the overwhelming support, morally and financially, was amazing. Everywhere I looked, someone was doing something for me and that made me extremely emotional. If they only knew how much I appreciated it. I can only just say thank you to my Creator for blessing me with such a wonderful family and also, for my dad coming around and being there for me.

And through all MY drama, Zayn was beyond patient.

Anyway, the point is, on the 3rd of December 2016, I married my best friend!


To be honest, the days building up to my wedding day I was calm and collected. Stress-free. Relaxed. People kept asking me if I was crazy or panicking inside but really, I was totally zen.

The morning of my wedding, I got up, tidied my room and hopped in the shower. I thought that perhaps when I got into my dress and my make up was being done, I’d feel the excitement and nerves – still nothing. Then I was all ready, dressed, made up, scarf done and on my way to the mosque – still calm.

As we pulled up to the mosque, I saw all the women from all sides of my family, waiting to walk me inside and something inside of me snapped. All the calm left my body and I burst into tears. The sight of my family waiting for me brought it all home. I was getting married. The man I loved was waiting for me inside of that mosque, and soon, we would be husband and wife…

From there on out, it was a crazy and emotional day. In my next post I’ll add more pictures and details but for now, I just wanted to tell you all – have faith, know that ALLAH is great because only He could make this day possible. So now, I am married.


My husband and my dad though – too handsome for words!